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Delrin Insert Accomodates Multiple Tools in Variety of Diameters

Clean Tools Measure More Accurately

When dimensional precision of the cutting tool is of the utmost importance, the tool cleanliness must be taken into consideration. A single spec of dirt, dust, debris can produce false measurements and potentially create unnecessary adjustments at the machine.

Dirty Tools Now A Thing of the Past

The TC-BOSS Cutting Tool Steam Cleaner Unit is the only device needed to achieve a truly clean, debris-free cutting tool.

This unit includes removable side tray with Delrin insert, 3′ flexible hose, 3″ steam dispensing handle with fingertip control, external pressure gage, indicator lights for both water level and steam pressure, copper tubing and brass fittings, a single boiler with heating element, polished steel enclosure with ergonomic handle for carrying. Includes a 1-year warranty on all parts and labor.

  • Can be stand-alone or physically attached to either side of Steam Cleaner
  • Delrin insert comes standard with multiple locations of 5 different pre-machined hole sizes to accommodate a variety of tool shank diameters (Ø.125”, .250”, .500”, .750” and 1.00”)
  • 4 X 1” wide × 3.75” long × 1⁄2” radius grooves allow to lay the tools down flat if desired
  • Delrin insert is raised off the tray and has strategically placed thru-holes for drainage

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    • Overall Machine Dimensions: 216mm (8.5”) wide × 216mm (8.5”) high × 280mm (11”) long
    • Heating Power: 1000W, 15 AMP, 110 V, 50/60 Hz
    • Weight: 13.6kg (30 lb)
    • Pressure: 5 BAR (75 PSI)
    • Water Reservoir: 1 Liter (1.06 QT)

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