The Semi-Automatic Cut-Off Machine is designed for Carbide and Hardened HSS rods to be precision cut in a manual set-up while using an automatic down-feed and return motion. This machine allows for up to single piece loading of up to 430mm length rods while an optional extra-long support for the HSS Hardened rod lengths can be purchased.

This machine can be used for solid rods with dual clamping, and with the “Quick Change” support fixture, the machine can be changed to a single clamp for regrinds. It has an easy to use operator interface with touch screen push buttons.

The Semi-Auto Cut-Off can be converted easily to the Automatic Cut-Off and PrepBot System at any time without having to purchase another machine. Manual operation is available with the “Quick Change” support fixture that adapts for regrind cut-offs.


  • Touch panel display with easy to read graphics
  • Fully enclosed powder coated with safety interlocks
  • Red LED for manual cut-off alignment
  • Dual clamping for solid bars
  • Single clamping for cut-offs
  • Automatic wheel wear compensation
  • Diamond Cut-Off wheel
  • Magazine loader for large capacity rods up to 430mm in length
  • “Quick Change” fixture for changing from the production to the regrind work holding support
  • Step-By-Step set up videos


  • Magazine loader for large capacity rods up to 430mm in length
  • “PrepBot” for automatic cut length sorting
  • XL – Bar Support for 1900mm length rods

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