• Produces and grinds end mills, drills, and other kinds of tools
  • Can modify the parameter according to customer’s demands
  • Easy to operate without experience
  • Intuitive 3D graphical interface
  • Independently developed 5-axis linkage operation system
  • High wear resistance
  • Customer-made software functions to meet different needs for specific tools
  • Simple software upgrades enjoy easy, free upgrade service through USB
  • Greatly reduce the cost of equipment for producing and re-sharpening tools

Main Function

Tools Length 350mm
Longest Blade 150mm


Grinding Wheel Spindle

Spindle Type Electrical spindle
Motor 4KW
Max RPM 8000
Max Peripheral Speed
of Grinding Wheel
Grinding Wheel Shaft Type BT30
Grinding Wheel Hole Diameter 31.75mm
Grinding Wheel Number 4


Product Parameter

Power 380V
Dimensions 1650*1550*2000
Weight 2200KG
Tools Detection High accuracy contact 3D probe detection
Rail Oil ISO VG32


Control Shaft

Control motor type:
servo motor x 5 axis
X 400mm
Y 300mm
Z 160mm
C 45°~190°



Positioning Accuracy 0.005mm
Repeated Positioning Accuracy 0.003mm
A Axis Hole Inner Taper Beat 0.002mm

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