The “MULTI-GRIND” 4-Axis CNC Tool Grinding/Honing Machine by Wayne Machinery is the leading technology in edge preparation. Fully automatable, this is the first-ever multi-use grinding machine to hone individual flutes at a cost you can afford.

This machine can create chamfers and drill pre-points at any angle between 0-90°. The blank rod is secured by a pneumatic 5c collet system that is located on both a linear rail and a rotary axis. The infeed on the grind wheel allows for precision chamfering of the blanks.

When used in conjunction with the “BOSS-FA” (Automatic Cut-Off Machine by Wayne Machinery), the internal gripper system grabs the blank from the Cut-Off Machine and places it into the pneumatic collect. The machine then chamfers the blank based on the specifications/variables inputted by the operator. The grippers can rotate a 180° for pre-point operation if required on the opposite end of the blank. Once the blank has been fully processed, the grippers then move the blank into the exiting tray system that comes out the front of the machine.

The changeover to different blank diameters is as simple as swapping out the 5c collet and grippers. The entire changeover can be completed in less than 5 minutes.


  • Preps and hones individual flutes
  • Blank chamfering
  • Drill point roughing
  • Ballnose roughing
  • Fully automatable from robot loader to pallet or other equipment
  • Fully programmable feed rate through the grind
  • “Quick Set Programs” for standard diameters, chamfer lengths, and angles
  • Automatic Crash Prevention
  • Automatic wheel wear compensation
  • CNC controlled
  • Touch panel display
  • Touch probe for tool location
  • Auto Spindle lock for grind wheel replacement
  • Fully enclosed, power doated with safety interlocks
  • Programmable stop distance
  • Automatic wheel dressing system
  • Step-by-Step setup videos
  • Variable speed spindle for grind optimization
  • Runs wet or dry
  • Boring cutter
  • C_Flat Cutter
  • Countersink
  • Customized boring
  • Drill 3F
  • Drill
  • Drill step
  • End mill 2F
  • End mill 3/4F
  • End mill OD
  • Flat drill
  • Gash
  • Graver
  • Polygon
  • Reamer
  • Round head tool
  • Small end mill
  • Standard boring
  • Step drill
  • Step OD
  • Swallowtail end
  • T Cutter
  • Tap

Main Function

Tools Length 35mm – 110mm
Longest Blade 85mm
Material Carbide or HSS


Grinding Wheel Spindle

Motor 600W
Speed 3000, 3500, 4000, 4500
Max Peripheral Speed
of Grinding Wheel


Product Parameter

Power 220V  1.1KW  50/60HZ
Dimensions 1240*1050*1560
Weight 430KG
Tools Detection Contact probe detection with high precision
Cutting Oil Water-insoluble grinding oil
Rail Oil ISO VG32
Cutting Oil Pump 24L/M, maximum output flow


Control Shaft

Stepping motor for 4 axis Drive mode Route Position control resolution
X Ball screw direct drive 300mm/130mm 0.002mm
Y Ball screw direct drive 130mm 0.002mm
C Ball screw direct drive -5°~180° 0.005°
A Ball screw direct drive 0.02°






MULTI-GRIND Automatic Chamfering and Drill Pre-Point Machine for Tungsten Carbide and HSS rods. Fully enclosed powder coated unit with integrated safety interlocks, touch panel display, “Quick Set” programs for standard chamfer lengths & angles, pneumatic collet clamping, rotary axis, step-by-step setup videos, and automatic wheel wear compensation.
Training 1-day onsite training at customer facility
Warranty 2-year warranty on all manufactured components
Shipping FOB Traverse City, MI

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